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Adwords Training and Adwords Coaching

We’re all looking for value for money in our online marketing – in an ideal world, it would also be instant and highly effective! In many ways, Pay Per Click (PPC) using Google AdWords fulfils these requirements and can be one of the most cost effective methods around of new client acquisition.

Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most costly!

The difference comes primarily from how you set up and run your campaigns, and running a Google Adwords campaign that will really drive your business, is most certainly a skill in itself.

To have a campaign which really has the capacity to deliver great results, most people think of two options, doing it themselves or getting someone to do it for them - something that I already do successfully for many companies to great effect.

Alternatively, you can take the most popular route and combine the two by running it yourself and then get some expert help to guide you in the right direction as and when you need it. The trouble can be that everyone has suddenly become a PPC and AdWords expert – so what you need is to find someone who really is an expert, someone who does it rather than just talk about it and someone you can trust to give you the right information at the right time.

Who can benefit?

Well, in all honesty, everyone looking to promote themselves online can benefit ... and I do mean really benefit! You may just be getting started with your PPC campaign – perhaps at the planning phase or dedicating time to your keyword research. On the other hand, you may have been running a campaign for a while but know that you should be getting better results, yet you’re not sure how – all you really need is a little expert advice to take you to the next level.

Alternatively, you might want to expand your current campaign or get a more local focus. You may only need some direction and pointers … alternatively you may be looking for advanced strategies to take an already comprehensive campaign to the next level. Whatever you require, an Adwords training session with a PPC expert will help you quickly and effectively to consolidate your thoughts as well as your current and future plans.

Where can you find someone able to do all this for you? We’ll that would be me.

My name is Paul Smith and I’ve been helping companies achieve great results with Google Adwords since 2006. I am here to answer your questions, make sure that you have all the information and support you need to succeed and generally help you to figure out your Google Adwords marketing plan.

Your Adwords Choices

So you know that your aim is a killer Google Adwords campaign which is going to develop leads, sales and help your branding. So what options do you have if want to develop this campaign. Generally, you have two main choices:

  1. you could dedicate a large chunk of your time to searching the web for scraps of information and gradually piece them together. Let’s face it the information is all out there on the web, the trouble is finding the time to locate it and then deciding which of the information is relevant and correct;
  2. alternatively, you could book some time with an Adwords expert who has been there and done it. Someone who works with Google AdWords on a daily basis and who can answer your questions, give you advice and make sure that you have a campaign that will deliver – saving you time, money and avoiding overspend and mistakes.

So what are the benefits of the second option? Well, you:

  1. talk to a real person on the phone from whom you can get specific answers, advice, guidance, strategies and tactics
  2. get answers, not only in general terms, but also for specific questions you have or issues you want to solve, something which no book or article could give you
  3. receive information now – there’s no waiting around trying to find solutions, losing you money in the meantime. There is always a steep learning curve with AdWords, so the advice you receive can help you succeed at least twice as fast than if you were on your own.

And all this is superb value for money – you gain the knowledge and information you need without having to search through the web to find it. You save your time and money while still keeping totally hands firmly on the reins of your campaign. An ideal solution.

Make a real breakthrough

There are more benefits too and making real breakthroughs in your campaign is one of those. Breakthroughs are those moments when clients and I are speaking together on the phone and something key about using AdWords suddenly clicks! It’s difficult to put your finger on it, but there is something particular when you are working live with another person as you both look at your campaigns and your goals on the screen together and talk strategy. That’s how breakthroughs happen.

You can ask me any question and be at any point in your Google Adwords campaign, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. We can talk about anything from how to develop your keywords, what will improve your quality scores, how the AdWords adverts can be improved and many other areas. Strategy stuff, technical stuff, it’s all good. Think about what of what your most burning question regarding AdWords is … and ask me that.

What We Can Talk About

What subjects do we need to cover. Well, that comes from two key places: initially, you and the specifics things that you want to know or solutions you are looking for; but also, I’ll be asking questions and making suggestions on other topics we need to talk about. Really, I would not be doing my job properly without asking you questions and offering suggestions based on what I can see on your AdWords campaign and what you’re trying to accomplish.
Some possible ideas include:

  1. How to start your keyword research
  2. Tools to develop your keyword list
  3. Setting up your campaign to best effect
  4. Organising your AdGroups
  5. Improving your Quality Score
  6. Creating real ROI from your campaign
  7. Focusing your AdWords adverts
  8. Key elements of AdWords Landing Pages
  9. Ensuring your AdWords goals are correct

Where from here?

So what is the next step. Well, you choose how long a session that you want – or perhaps you can benefit from booking multiple sessions which you can take as you see fit. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the benefits from a more effective, focused and profitable campaign.

All you need to do is click on the link below which best suits your need – this could either be a single session or, for best value, you can book 3 sessions up front which we can the schedule over a number of days or weeks according to what your needs are at the time.


1 hour
AdWords Training



3 hours
AdWords Training

Only £170.00


30 mins
AdWords Coaching


You’ll be asked to fill in details regarding your campaign and what you are looking for in terms of information and then I call you to schedule the best time for us to talk. It’s that simple. And soon you’ll be feeling much more confident in your AdWords ability and you’ll be benefiting from a campaign which is delivering the sort of results you were looking for.